Royal Highland Yacht Club

The Royal Highland Yacht Club, founded in 1881, is one of Scotland’s oldest yacht clubs and is proud to have been granted an Admiralty Warrant enabling permits to be issued for members to wear the undefaced blue ensign on their yachts. Originally founded and based in Oban, there are just over six hundred and fifty members with around three-hundred and seventy boats within that membership. Members often go off on cruises together and recently the Club organised a more formal cruise in company to Barra and this is likely to become a more regular event, perhaps organised every other year. The club is involved, as part of the organising committee, in the now famous West Highland Week Regatta held in the first week of August every year which attracts large entries for the week long racing programme, and joins with Oban Sailing Club and the Western Isles Yacht Club in managing this highly popular event. For more information see website.

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Tarbert, Argyll, West Scotland