Locals want to tell the world about Ireland’s best kept secret!

18 March 2015

In November after a digital marketing seminar hosted by the Wild Atlantic Way & Donegal County Council in Donegal town, local business owners were alarmed at how little other tourism providers from this county knew about Malin head, Ireland’s most northerly point. It was decided to produce a small flyer that could be displayed in every tourist information point in the country.

Locals in Malin head & Inishowen expected people to have heard about this area because it’s the most northerly point of the island of Ireland. Weather has been recorded in Malin head since 1855 and is still broadcasted daily worldwide on the shipping forecasts, sometime the sunniest place in Ireland but often the windiest. Malin head Coastguard is one of 3 stations in the country that help in the rescue of people who get into difficulty at sea and often makes the national news.

Now that we are in the digital age Malin Head is known as the best place in Ireland to see the Northern lights, hear the corncrake, it’s a photographers delight with the best of views around every corner. Photograph the Dolphins and Basking sharks, Chough, corncrakes and lots more.

Malin head is one of 3 Signature Points and the start or finish of the longest driving coastal route in the world (Wild Atlantic Way). It is also on the Inishowen 100.

What have we to offer?

  • Best place in the country to see the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)
  • Magical scenery & Breath taking views, great beaches and most are safe for swimming.
  • Marine life, half of the worlds Basking sharks pass Malin head each year, you could also see Whales, Dolphins, seals or even Tuna. Have a look!
  • Bird life, our location gives us special importance in regard to migrating birds, also during the summer it is possible to hear the Corncrake. Sighting of Chough, Eagles, buzzards and many more species are often possible. Bring Binoculars.
  • Highest Sand dunes in Europe at 5 Fingers Strand,
  • Historic Sites, Malin Well, Banba’s Crown where Marconi’s first sea broadcast was done at Malin Head. Crocalough, St Marys Church Lagg,
  • Diving, there are more shipwrecks sunk of Malin head than anywhere in the world, most from WW1 & WW2. Visibility is always good
  • Inistralhull Island is 5 miles of our coast and is the oldest place in Ireland, but it’s not really part of Ireland at all! The rocks there have been scientifically dated to 1,778,000,000 (or 1.778 billion) years old. Other Geological sites of interest are Ballyhillion raised beach where you might find semi-precious stones
  • Fishing, Kayaking, surfing, swimming, Diving, Hillwalking/hiking are all free. Back roads and Paths which are great for cycling.

Getting to Malin Head

Access to Malin head, we are 32 miles(51km) from Derry City and 52miles(83km) from Letterkenny. No train or public bus service.

When you get here what is available, Local Amenities

  • 3 Bars/public houses. Café’s Some with Wi-Fi.
  • 2 Grocery shops and 1 Filling station.
  • 1 Hostel, several B&B’s and some houses/flats to rent.
  • Some Art/craft antique shops.

But most of the people that you will meet will greet you and help make you visit a happy experience.

The local Businesses who have supported this Malin head Flyer are:

Sandrock Hostel, Malin head Tours, Whitestrand B&B, Ardmalin Caravan Park, Farren’s Bar, Northern Bites, Curisioty Shop, Malin head Rental properties, Malin Head View B&B, Banba Café and Seaview Tavern

This flyer was designed locally by Forward Emphasis International, Malin Head and Bizzprint, Letterkenny. Thanks also to The Malin head Community Association and Visit Inishowen who are used to channel the tourist traffic if they are looking for information.

We also have a page on Facebook Called “Malin Head, Inishowen needs a top Quality Tourist Facility” where we are trying to get the authorities to develop a major tourist attraction at Malin head, where at the moment Malin head attracts over 150,000 visitors annually and if developed would help increase tourists to Inishowen and this would help create jobs in an area that has high unemployment.

For more information please contact, Ali Farren on 086 8042107.