Burg, Isle of Mull

The exposed location of Burg, open to the full force of the Atlantic weather, together with its colloquial name, ‘The Wilderness’, gives an indication of the wild terrain of this property.

Volcanic eruptions many million of years ago formed the distinctive stepped outline of the penninsula, as the molten lava cooled to form the cliffs which can be seen today. Although the area is now almost devoid of trees, the sea cliff beyond Brug Farm retains the impression of a tree know as “MacCulloch’s Fossil Tree,” engulfed by the lava flow perhaps 50 million years ago.

The property lies within a National Scenic Area and includes a Special Area of Conservation. The Trust has been working to conserve important populations of plants and insects, including the slender Scotch Burnet Moth.

Dogs must be kept on leads at all times and cannot negotiate the ladder to the beach. Access for disabled extremely difficult.



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