Culture & Heritage MalinWaters: Myths, Saints and Sea Kingdoms

The seas, coastlines and landscapes of Ireland and Scotland have been formed over many millennia. One of the more recent climatic and geological episodes was when the last ice age period halted abruptly about 11,500 years ago and when the relatively warm, wet climatic conditions began to be influenced by the Atlantic Ocean Gulf Stream flowing from a south westerly direction.

The retreating ice-sheets left the path clear for the re-colonisation of the land by plants, animals and eventually humans who have since played a significant role in forming the landscapes and associated myths and legends that we know and appreciate today.

At the shortest distance only twelve miles of sea separates the Mull of Kintyre from the County Antrim coast and there has been continual ebb and flow of peoples between Ireland and Scotland since historic records began. Indeed legend has it that the World Heritage Site at the Giants Causeway in County Antrim was formed by rival giants the Irish Finn McCool and his Scottish equivalent Benandonner.

We have produced a downloadable maritime trail were you can learn more details on the fascinating history of the relationships between the islands. Note you will need adobe pdf reader to view this document which will be available for download soon!