Tory Island

Co Donegal

Standing staunchly against the storms of the Atlantic Ocean, Tory has been inhabited for 4,000 years. The resilient and independent residents of this Gaeltacht Island have their own music, songs, stories and dances and are expressions of a distinctive Irish Culture and tradition, preserved by remoteness. Historical sites include a round tower, a ruined church, the Tau Cross (one of only two found in Ireland). Tory has a unique wildilife and is internationally important for its birdlife particularly the globally threatened corncrake and has nationally important colonies of cliff- nesting seabirds. Visitors can enjoy diving fishing, rock climbing, whale or dolphin watching or walk a portion of the Donegal Way with beautiful scenery as a backdrop. When in Tory, why not partake or enjoy in the local scene, whether it be a CĂ©ili (Irish Dance) or an impromptu traditional Irish music session. Tory is also famous for its school of artists, who were encouraged by the late English painer Derek Hill, whose work has been exhibited all over the world.