EU CAPITEN Project Offers New Opportunities for Maritime Events

07 Dec 2017

Donegal County Council understands the importance of continuing to develop and promote Donegal as a quality marine tourism destination on the Wild Atlantic Way. Targeted involvement in EU projects with partnership networks across Europe is a vital way of ensuring that Donegal is at the forefront when EU funding becomes available for sectors such as tourism.

Donegal County Council recently received the positive news that the ‘CAPITEN’ project has been successfully funded to a total of €3 million between all partners over the next three years. CAPITEN is an EU Interreg funded project under the AAP (Atlantic Area Programme) in which Donegal County Council is an important partner. This new and innovative marine tourism project called CAPITEN was launched on 10th November 2017 in Rennes, France by the lead partner, the Regional Council of Brittany. The partnership consists of 18 partners and spans five European countries including Ireland, Scotland, France, Portugal and Spain.

The CAPITEN project seeks to develop a number of exciting new elements including new marine product innovation, environmentally sustainable marine tourism, inshore and sea-going navigation aids, port information points and marine tourism itineraries. Donegal County Council is specifically managing the events element of the CAPITEN project.

CAPITEN will encourage local communities and visitors to experience coastal maritime activities and will seek to deliver a viable portfolio of events to attract visitors to Atlantic Area partner regions, to enhance Donegal’s international profile as a maritime destination of excellence, to strengthen our maritime sporting activities, provide support for activity providers and to maximise the economic, social and environmental benefits of events to all partner regions.

Projects such as CAPITEN provide employment, increase social well-being and increase economic development of coastal communities while at the same time protecting the local coastal environment through the introduction of sustainable maritime activities.

CAPITEN events would provide a platform for partners to showcase new maritime sports and activities developed as a result of this project. This is an opportunity to present the innovative products developed as part of the project. The events would provide partners with exhibitor opportunities to promote their regions across participating countries.

Event management is an important element within this event. In order to professionally organise, develop and deliver CAPITEN events it will be necessary to have a uniform strategy of management across all regions, overseen by one or more partners to co-ordinate efforts to ensure all events run smoothly and deliver the desired project outputs.

CAPITEN events would encourage participation of those in the marine tourism sector in each region, providing opportunities for networking between participating EU countries. The goal is to encourage knowledge exchange and shared learning allowing increase interaction and development of new networks across the marine sectors of all regions.

The events would also introduce many people to the benefits of taking part marine themed activities in coastal regions and in particular introduce young people to the benefits of taking part in maritime activities with a view to potentially gaining skills and experience to develop a sustainable career in this sector.