Tory Island Harbour

Tory Island, Co Donegal, North West Ireland

Tory Island is Ireland’s remotest community. For a glimpse of a different lifestyle, call into the snug harbour in Camusmore Bay. In Celtic mythology, Tory was the home of the fearsome king Balor of the Evil Eye, who had his stronghold on Tor Mor, the highest of the stacks at the east end of the island.

Tory has many valuable antiquities including a 12th-century tau cross. A school of primitive painters thrived from the 1970’s, and several islanders carry on the tradition, including Patsy Dan Rodgers, the present King of Tory. Patsy Dan will be there to welcome you as a visitor to the island.


Facilities include: Harbour, Anchorage, Fresh Water, Bar, Restaurant, Slipway


Traditional Irish is spoken on the island. There is an abundance of fantastic wildlife. Few amenities available. Bird-watchers are treated to puffins and, due to its location on the north-west coast, Tory is often visited by interesting migrant birds.